Monday, August 24, 2009


it started raining a few minutes ago, so ross & i came out to our porch.  though there isn't much of 'a view,' there is a thick cluster of trees on the other side of the fence which guards our complex.  there's nothing like the breeze and smell that comes with the rain.  so natural, so refreshing.  the wind wisps hairs across my face & lighting tries to make us jump. there it goes again.

yesterday ross & i listened to a matt chandler sermon. he related the helplessness of babies to our present dependence on God.  a dependence he thoughtfully crafted and we try to ignore.  we fill ourselves up with clothes, hobbies, satisfaction from relationships or our jobs, but they all leave us empty.  if a newborn is left alone for just a couple of days, he will surely die.  he cannot survive on his own.  likewise, we are completely helpless and whether we acknowledge it or not, our souls scream out for His protection, teachings, comfort, love.

it's nice sitting out here while the raindrops clomp and splash all around us; the roof, the pavement, and the guardrail of our tiny porch.  books to read and chardonnay to melt on our tongues. especially with the view of the trees.  i love the way joyce kilmer so poetically expresses that "only God can make a tree."  but what i'm realizing now is not only is He alone the Creator, but He alone is the sustain-er of life: all life.  A fiercely beautiful and strong oak tree, crafted by Him, will wither away without the gift of life-giving rain.   there is no way for a tree to live without water.  

now maybe it's time to go run around in it. 

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Lauren Madison said...

Great post, Katie. I love the "Like a Child" sermon from MC. So good and so full of Truth. love you.


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