Wednesday, August 5, 2009

month one

"come, grow old with me-
  the best is yet to be."
  {robert browning}

yesterday we celebrated our one month anniversary.  a baseball game, free hot dogs & beer, and a yummy chocolate torte from a little local bakery.  it was perfect  :)

this past month i've been trying to best describe what it feels like to be married. to me, marriage feels like a firm & warm hug; that great feeling that rushes over you when someone you haven't seen in a while hugs you. and i mean really hugs you.  your heart is happy, you feel safe, and you're just glad to be there. 

similarly, the greek orthodox church explains the mystery of the Trinity with an image of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit locked dancing in a circle, holding hands.  the church holds that the three are in fact one through their fierce, joyful love for one another.  perfect community. 

which is exactly what God wants for us here on earth.  firstly, He created us with a need to hold his hand.  we are not whole without Him.  secondly, we are called to live in community with those around us.  family, roommates, neighbors, coworkers, etc. we all need each other.  

in marriage, you know he will always be there for you.  his hearts desire is to love, please, protect, and provide for you... for the rest of his life.  he's not letting go of your hand.  so, you get locked into your own three-part dancing circle with the Creator.  we get a glimpse of who He is and what he wants for us.

all that to say, it's been an incredible month, and i hope it's in God's plan that we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate.  i've found that marriage is a powerful way God reminds us of his perfect love & challenges us to die to ourselves daily.  in the words of one of my favorite college professors, blair browning, "marriage is great. i highly recommend it." 

{p.s. ross also just convinced me that we had to order some drawer pulls from anthropologie. yessss. my husband rocks!}

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Lauren Madison said...

Wow. I simply can't believe you guys have already been married for one month. Time flies by! This post is so beautiful, Katie. I love what God is teaching you and I love how eloquently you are able to share that with others. This post challenged and encouraged me so. Here is to many more anniversaries. I love you very much!


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