Tuesday, December 21, 2010

o Christmas tree

We are headed to Tahoe today for some skiing & snowshoeing. 
for the first time in my whole life i'll get to celebrate a white Christmas!
Soooo excited...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

catching up: thanksgiving

Okay, blog, I'm sorry for peaceing out on you for so long. I sort of broke up with blogger for a while I guess.  We got into a fight, you see.  I had this incredibly eloquent and interesting post (just kidding, but seriously...) in which I poured out my heart & shared what the Lord was showing me through Jack Kerouac and apple pie and pursuing a new career adventure. The post took at least a week to write, and when it came time to publish and share it with the blogging world... blogger failed to save the post...and failed to post it... so we ended our relationship on pretty bad terms. 

BUT, I love the holiday season waaaay too much to not take some time and document our adventures.
I forgive you, Blogger.  Maybe another day when I have more time to rewrite the aforementioned incredibly eloquent and interesting post I can share that story, but for now we will just have a simple and slightly cheesy recap of Thanksgiving.

Here are a few pics from our time with my family in beautiful San Jose, California. 
I'm saving my favorites for another post, but this is a start.  

{p.s. please excuse my extreme editing on some on these photos.
i like to get a little carried away sometimes}

Ross & my dad enjoying some cigars and manhattans while frying turkey # 1.


Our beautiful table!

JB being cool.

Fancy cheeses at the girl & the fig in Sonoma. 

 Wine cave in Sonoma.

Decorating for Christmas!

Some years we have over 30 people to celebrate Thanksgiving with.  This year it was just the 6 of us and was so much fun.  My dad planned out the whole well balanced week of staying home and cooking, exploring new parts of California, going out to eat, having an extreme bocci ball tournament, visiting my brothers new school, playing games, watching movies, and going on family walks.  It was perfect.  Ross and I were so grateful to just spend time together and take a much needed break from work. 

Can't wait to fly back on Friday! How is Christmas sneaking up on us so fast?!


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