Tuesday, August 25, 2009

little sister

yesterday i received the most rockin' california care package from my little sister, emily.  it completely brightened my day!  two moleskin journals, a pen, three disks of wedding photo's taken my emily's extremely talented friend lindsey, candy, a dress from anthro, a tiny dear, a pretty blue dish from world market, a realsimple grocery shopping list, etc.  thank you sooooo much again!!

and speaking of emily, today is her first day of high school school in california.  she got to drive to school in her own new car, and i'm sure she picked out the cutest outfit.  maybe some pinkberry tonight to celebrate?  i'm thinking yes. 

starting at a new high school your junior year is scary, no doubt, and not easy.  but you are the coolest girl & i know there are incredible adventures ahead of you in san jose.  not to mention, you are beautiful, smart, funny, and brave.  can't wait to hear all about it & i'll get there as soon as i can! 

1 comment:

Emily[Plu] said...

You're my favorite sister, by far.


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