Friday, August 28, 2009

b&a no. 1

i've been feeling pretty crafty lately.  before & afters on designsponge are my absolute favorites and they've inspired me for sometime now. 
mine generally involve finding something tired or not-too-pretty and 
sprucing it up with fun colors.  
so, here goes before & after number one:



i found the little table at a resale shop and haggled (!!!) the price down to $10.  
then i used left over sandpaper, primer, light green paint, and & chalkboard paint.
next, i lined the shelves with scrapbook paper via mod podge. 
finally, i filled the shelves with books and favorite finds from 
antique stores in waco & kingwood...
plus the tiny deer my sister mailed me from california, just to be silly.

grand total: about $13 

now we just need a little lamp, to help with
that freakishly bad lighting in there. 
guess well just have to go to target...


Chuval said...

COME TO AUSTIN NOW. I need you and your skills.

Lauren Madison said...

um freaking yes! this is fabulous, i tell ya...

Sarah Satt said...


(be careful at Target!!)

kara said...

soo cute!!


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