Thursday, August 13, 2009

this post is too long

i'd been a little insecure lately about two questions that seem to be inseparable when i meet people now:
"so you're married? congratulations! old are you?"
and then they silently judge me. 

i get it, i look young.  i am young. btw, my new plan is to answer the second question by saying "17" just to see how people react. but ross encouraged me by saying that there will come a time when people wont ask about my age anymore, and it's cool to be a young married couple.  

whether or not it's cool, it's really fun. more importantly, we know that getting married when we did was God's will for us. marriage is a sacred covenant God gave us through which to enjoy strong, committed community that cannot function without full dedication from both people to love each other & Christ.  we obviously fail and will fail greatly, but it is good to try. 

on this blog i like to highlight little glimpses into sweet, fun, and silly moments.  of course, these are not all that marriage is.  we've only been in it for a little over a month and it's already obvious that 'work' and 'sacrifice' are key.  but keeping a little blog like this is great because when times do get tough, we can look back and remember the millions of great moments that came between each post that far outweigh the harder times.  we can focus on the positive, and remember to place great importance on the little celebrations that bring joy into this harsh world.  maybe we can even encourage other couples to have silly date nights with pizza (or, as ross says, 'za) or enjoy chocolate covered strawberries with champagne on a monday. we love learning from other couples, and therefore like sharing anything that others may glean from. 

the other day i had to be at work at 5:45 in the morning, and ross didn't have class until 9. i hopped into the shower while he remained quietly dozing in bed.  by the time i got out, he was already preparing our favorite peanut butter, honey & banana toast.  he said, "i knew you didn't mind that i kept sleeping, but i said to myself, 'ross, you don't lay in bed while your wife gets ready for work.' so he ate with me, then came to starbucks to study that morning so that we could have the evening to spend time together. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

to be married is to have someone to fight your sinful nature for. it's to be filled with love so that you make decisions that do not fully revolve around you.  sometimes, it's someone to fight with, so long as you come together again. 

plus, it's just fun.  i finally watched the godfather & even started to read his football magazines, and almost everyday he impatiently asks when the anthro drawer pulls we ordered are going to come in the mail.  best of all, you have someone to brave new frontier with.  last night we went on a cookie run to deliver cookies (aka joy) to our studying friends.  alone, ross never would have made cookies or thought to share them.  i would have been too scared to go out, and my lack of directional sense would have left me eating a batch of cookies alone...

in the words of one of my college roommates favorite relient k songs, "we should get jerseys, 'cause we make a good team." i'm proud of our team. and i'm cheering for yours, too. 


Allison said...

I like this post. :) We had that Reliant K song in our rehearsal dinner slideshow. Keep enjoying marriage with such great intentionality!

Samantha Urban said...

This is 100% how I feel about being a young married couple, too! Congratulations and best wishes again!

Michele Wiseman said...

What a great post, Katie! I get that, "Why are getting married" question all the time (even in interviews). I think me and Ryan are probably the only young engaged couple in Los Angeles, given the tone that I've received from people.

The clock is ticking so why not get started young?!

mickeyesther said...

Katie!!! what an encouraging post:) i am so excited that we are neighbors--hope you had a great day:D thanks again for the DELICIOUS (i repeat, delicious) cookies.

Sarah Satt said...

you make one of the best teams i've ever seen.

p.s. i'm sleeping in your house right now. back on the poonanny circus network. looking at furniture from our old house. weirded out in the best way possible :)


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