Thursday, October 30, 2008

in my own little corner...

"in my own little corner
in my own little chair
i can be whatever i want to be."

remember those lyrics? those lovely lines are from the classic Brandi Cinderella, one of my childhood favs.

who doesn't love her 'own little corner?'

here's mine (featuring jeaux, our summer dog):

tonight i did not win baylor homecoming queen. honestly, i was completely honored to be nominated in the first place...which apparently left me standing without the crown.

in my last post i expressed gratitude for not being 'that guy,' which was an allusion to one young lady in my interview group who was...well, she wasn't not obnoxious. in her answer, she said, 'well, like katie said, i'm so honored, but mostly, i'm completely humbled."

anyway, congratulations to 'that guy' and her 'humility' and her crown.

in my own little corner there are flowers from a boy and a note which reads, 'you will always be my queen. i'm so proud of you,' and the echos of brilliantly loud cheers (quite possibly the loudest) from wonderful friends as my name was called.

sweet little corner, there's no place i'd rather be.
so much love.

[and perhaps a healthy bit of bitterness? hehe. wilhoit: commiserate over andre?]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


a lovely autumn afternoon
pencil skirt and ruffled shirt
interview to be the queen
battle of humility

quite the opportunity

thank you Lord
for being King

(and for not making me "that guy")

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

trick or treat?

we all know scaring people and getting a little scared ourselves is fun in this season, but you don't want your butt to turn into a monster!

hehe just kidding, but you should check out this nifty little halloween treat quiz- a lot of treats are not as bad as they seem!

yay for candy corn season : )

baylor kids = super fit & good looking

Everyone knows that Baylor students are hot[t]. According to factoids spouted out by the cool kids giving campus tours, Baylor was voted one of the most active colleges in texas (or the U.S./world, something like that- whateve).

Anyway, whatever the exact facts are, I know they are true. In fact, upon moving into our new home, my roommate, "the dude," found an abandoned ab-lounge in our shed. That's right- an ab-lounge, straight of the infomercials circa 1999! How generous and Christian of the previous tenants to leave this jewel for us! Good thing they did too; we got to stay smokin' to keep up the Baylor student body's foxy reputation.

Here's a sneak peak from my 'documentary' (you're welcome):

i'd love to show you more, but i've got to get my beauty sleep. i'll post more when i have time (after watching gossip girl & walking the bear trail- so much to do!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"I think that once you've found a person that you're very fond of . . . I mean a person who's fond of you, too, and likes you enough to be interested in your character. . . . Well, I think that's just as important as college is, and even more so. That's what I think."

-Thorton Wilder [Our Town]


The other night I stumbled upon Robert Polidori, an architectural photographer who, among other ventures, has been tracking Versailles' metamorphoses for the past twenty years. The first time I saw it I was in fourth grade and was completely enamored with the preserved tapestries, huge stone staircases, elaborately carved moldings, and of course the gardens. Last fall I visited the chateau once more and took in it's wonders through an older set of eyes.

I love the juxtaposition of modern renovations and original beauty in this photo. Since the time Versailles was built, it has undergone countless transformations, but it constantly remains Versailles and is steadfast in it's beauty.

Maybe this stage in life, senior year and just after, is especially like Versailles. We graduate from college and jump into a new life but with our same old habits, hopes, dreams, friends. Even as we form new ones, we are still the same self with new additions mixed in with our own classical elements. We're old but we don't stop changing.

Hopefully our souls and lives will become more lovely with age and the jumble of old and new aspects of our souls. We don't know what things will be like in a year, five years, two decades; but maybe imagining ourselves as chateaux will make the transition bearable, and possibly even beautiful.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

fall parties.

fall parties today & tomorrow.

small talk + smiles + songs = silly rush

smiller and i came home to unwind and caught the end of a matthew mcconaughey interview on television, and i had a realization: if it was possible, he would totally be a baylor pi phi.

fratty yet hippy
athletic and fun
good-looking [duh]

of course, there was that whole placenta garden thing...

haha i'm sorry! apparently, this is your brain on rush.

Friday, October 24, 2008

willa cather: history class gem

"There was nothing left for them to say. They had spent the last penny of their small change; there was nothing left but gold. The day of love tokens was past. They had now only their hearts to give each other."

"She felt as the pond must feel when it held the moon like that; when it encircled and swelled with the image of gold."

Willa Cather [O Pioneers!]

love makes the world go round

weddings are the best. great food, music, dancing, flowers, friends, and family; and it's all in the name of love. this wedding blog is my new guilty pleasure of sorts.

can't wait for yours miss wilhoit

this time last year...




football [the other kind]


fall is the man.

hello fall

hellofall by katieplu

i have a paper to write but i can't stop blogging...

this time last year, ross came to visit me in maastricht, the netherlands. we walked the town, ate frites, and made our own pub crawl.

then we went to belgium. highlights: exploring park/parc (above) and opening a bottle of wine with a toothbrush.

now i'm on my couch in extreme procrastination mode and miller is scratching spencer's head.

life is good.

besides this paper. at least i can blog about it.

you show me yours, i'll show you mine.

i'm really excited about this whole blogging deal.

sure, i realize i'm jumping on this band wagon realively late. i also realize that anyone who reads my blog (doubtful) will find out certain inconsistencies about me.

that's the tricky thing about blogging. you put yourself out there, but you have do it in a consistent style. you know what i mean?

if you change up your writing too much, people will see you are not as certain about yourself as you would like them to think.

one of my best friends writes in such a way that i can actually hear her voice saying the words. wow. i wish i had that gift. maybe i'm just more uncertain about myself that others are.

however, i am certain that keeping this blog will:
1. help me procrastinate homework (i have a paper due tomorrow over who knows what)
2. challenge me to be consistent
3. provide another outlet through which to stalk my friends
4. push me to embrace myself.

i'll start with #4 (#1 and #3 are done and done)

i love:


wedding cake




that's enough embracing myself for tonight. more to come...

there are so many things in this world : )

Thursday, October 23, 2008

enjoy every sandwich

so this is it. everyone said senior year would sneak up on me and fly by once it did.

the rumor is true.

days evaporate.

life has never been so busy, but its never been so full before either. in the words of the inspirational spencer green, i am trying to "enjoy every sandwich" and intentionally embrace every moment i have left and the incredible bliss that is baylor.


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