Sunday, August 23, 2009

bears in college station

i've always had a pretty strict "no goodbyes" policy.  i generally 'shade out' of a situation before a goodbye is necessary.  this is done by simply saying, "i'm sure i'll see you tomorrow before you leave!" or with other skillful moves, some i'm not too proud of (and some i am...).  for example, when i left my dorm room to go home for the summer at the end of freshman year, i simply packed up my car and left.... while my roommate was in the shower. i knew we would talk and then be reunited within a matter of a couple of months, so in my mind a potentially tearful/emotional moment was unnecessary.  however, she truly did not appreciate this champion shade-ster move.  though i've continued to pursue my goal of never saying goodbye, i've given in to situations over the years.

especially this past week.  not that i'm complaining.  this past week was completely wonderful.  over the course of five days, ross & i had the joy of welcoming nine baylor friends into our little home.  we went around the city, ate yummy food at local restaurants, browsed antiques, enjoyed the pool with sonic drinks, drank wine, saw a movie, spent quality time on our porch, had our first successful house party (complete with a party fowl) and most importantly, had good talks & a lot of laughs. 

but one by one, they all left.  

i got that feeling you get when christmas is over and you have to pack up all the pretty lights and cheerful trees with shiny ornaments and sentimental decorations.  all of a sudden, our home seemed still and empty.  how quickly my overflowing heart seems to regain thirst.  but how can we be sad when we are blessed in the first place with friends to miss? friends who are moving to kenya & spain to pursue their dreams. 

one (maybe the only) sweet change that comes with moving away from the blissful baylor community: there is a heightened and irreplaceable appreciation for the time spent together.  i'm even grateful to have people to miss, to visit, and to plan futures with.  future trips, vacations, and ultimately, dream of the great big cul-de-sac where we can all raise our kids together.  no goodbyes, just see you later. we'll be back together soon. come back soon!

also, one more benefit of marriage: when everyone else drives away, you still have your best friend to cuddle with on the couch.  not to mention, someone to make the long trips with to be once again joyfully reunited with your friends. 


Lauren Madison said...

I was so blessed to see you and Ross in CS. Thank you so much for letting us come! ...and we'll be back sooo soon :) Can't wait for future vacations...and even that future culdesac ;) love you, plu-pinson!!!

Wade said...

until our paths cross again...and january is gonna be home to some epic reunion parties :-) thanks for having me

Sarah Satt said...

1) Yes, biggest shade-ster move of all time and you will never live it down.
2) I'm jealous of your "party fowl"... Did ya'll bake a turkey? Fry a chicken? Release some doves to fly around?
3) Blah i miss you... :) PCforev.


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