Monday, October 5, 2009

there and back again

this past weekend, the Lord restored my soul
through a quick trip to waco, texas 
& a couple nights in dallas.

ninfaritas, common grounds, kevin the sugarglider,
a 'frat lap' around campus & some favorite friends 
made our brief stop in Waco a perfect evening.

friday night & saturday we enjoyed friends in dallas,
a stay at ross' old house, a night with mrs. k,
a beautiful wedding & a BU victory:
just like the good ol' glory days. 

on sunday we returned to our home in bcs,
where i was met with an awful shift at work-
thanks to an overflow of customers, one badly made soy cappuccino by me,
 ...and a broken. air. conditioner. 

anyway, all that to say i went from 
overflowing with joy to tired, sad, and drained in a day. 
but it's okay... God is continually reminding me that
He is the only true source of joy. 

not where i live or who i'm with;
or whether or not i'm playing with a sugarglider
 outside my favorite coffee house with best friends & my husband.
it's hurts being refined, but this old lump of clay 
needs a lot more shaping. 

...and it doesn't hurt to know well be back in waco
in just 3 weeks.  pigskin tickets arrived yesterday. 

fresh air is green and gold.


Chuval said...

Oh my gosh , what a wonderful weekend! I'm jealous...and I couldn't get over the fact that Sadie was on the ground in that first picture! ha! like when she did a split outside AJ's on SB2K09. HA! I love you and miss you!

Mrs. Frazier said...

sooo great seeing you both!

Lauren Madison said...

Such a great weekend :) I was so incredibly blessed to spend time with you and your sweet husband. I love you two and love how we are still able to be in each other's lives and will continue to be.

Sarah Satt said...

These pictures are so painfully sweet. Kind of like being stabbed with a stick of rock candy or something... (what?)

Or maybe I just feel.... bruised.



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