Monday, October 26, 2009


dear baylor,
thank you for having your 100th homecoming, and for welcoming me home with blissfully perfect weather for my first time as an alumni. 

dear friends,
thank you for sharing ninfaritas, good talks, baris, and reliving memories.  especially the stories about smiller & jeaux. can't wait to get back to you; you inspire me like nothing else in this world. 

dear smiller, the dude, & wade,
where were you guys this weekend?! o yea, across the oceans living your dreams.  we missed you, and my heart hurt when we drove down 10th street and you weren't there.  but you were alive in every corner & place we went, because you are part of our baylor. 

dear savs,
you made such a beautiful bride! thank you so much for letting ross & i celebrate with you. we're so excited for you! p.s. pat looked crazy handsome in his uniform. 

dear baylor again, 
you are the place where i met ross, fell in love, got engaged & married.  you are the place where i met my best friends, and came alive in a way i never had been before.  you will always be a special, beautiful, irreplaceable home to me.  and if i start to love my new home in college station, thanks in advance for knowing that i'm not replacing you. 

dear ross,
i love you.  thank you for loving me & for being the best husband in the whole world.  

dear blog,
we made it! one whole year! thanks for helping me do something consistently for a whole year. 
a lot has happened- and you caught it all.  here's to another year!


Mrs. Frazier said...

Happy blog b-day. You're cute & I heart BU. Wish we had seen y'all... it is always crazy busier than you think.

Ross said...

You're beautiful, I love you, and am excited about going to the next 100 Homecomings with you!

Sarah Satt said...

I am sad happy...

Wade said...

i think sarah put it best

Sarah said...


Lauren Madison said...

love this :)


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