Tuesday, October 6, 2009

angel in sbucks {part deux}

{photo by phil christensen * the swiss alps,  fall 2007}

we see many international students everyday in sbucks, and as someone who is fervently praying to live in europe one day, i have a very hard time understanding what on earth would bring a european to college station, texas.  is it just me, or is there something truly bizzaro about that? anyway, today i met someone from switzerland.  switzerland.  the fall before last i fell in love with that country (which is undoubtably the closest glimpse of heaven on earth) and only a few days of breathing the freshest air & drinking the purest water (not to mention literally  pushing my stomach to the limit with cheese & chocolate fondue) left me mesmerized to this day. college station... not so much.  but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

so, enough with the bcs bashing.  promise.  especially because today at work, the angel i met in sbucks a couple of weeks ago came back!   after thanking her, we got to talk for just a few minutes between americanos & carmel macchiatos, and it turns out that it really is a small world after all.  she lived in waco the past two years, worked at baylor in the dorm where i started my BU life, and recently moved to college station to help start a church plant.  and she just so happened to wander into my store.  

today was a good day.  


Lauren Madison said...

whooooa. small world indeed! that is so cool, plu!

( j ) said...

What an angel indeed : ) Did you ask her if she was a pi phi? (ha. I haven't resorted to cheesy sorority humor in too long)

Emily[Plu] said...



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