Thursday, October 15, 2009

life here; an update

sarah called me today.  
just typing that i get a little choked up.  
she called right as i went on my ten minute break and it was so wonderful and refreshing to hear her voice, even if it was just a short tease.  it's hard when your friends are all far away; especially when your best friend chased down her dream of living in madrid. 
 i've been a little absent from the blogosphere (wow, that's really a word) lately and it's because sometimes talking about what's going on in your life is difficult when your heart is missing the things you aren't doing... namely, living with & close by best friends.  
i miss you so much it hurts, smiller.
  friends, i miss you so much that sometimes i feel like i can't breath.  
ok, enough of the emo drama queen bit.  

life here lately has been good.  we're young and we're just trying to have fun with the stage in our life... even though the transition had bee pretty touch & go.  
ross has been my rock. 
 my silly, cooking, dancing, singing, joking, snuggling, 
hard-working, rock.  
after a loooong day or work & studying, we actually went out
 and had good time.  

this past weekend was especially great, but for some reason i sadly did not take any pictures! chuval stayed with us for three nights, or in her words, "for like eighteen years."  
red beans and rice, tiger football, crafts, shopping, big, rainy weather and lattes made for a fantastic little bryan weekend.  

ross & i even celebrated our 3 month anniversary by seeing the bryan community theaters production of guys and dolls. sooooo good!
 {sit down, you're rockin', rockin' the boat}

it turns out the theatre is tucked right behind the 
golds gym, HEB, and joannes fabric which we always go.  who knew? hidden gems...

lots and lots of rain.  like, almost everyday.  so when it's sunny, and we're free, 
we take advantage by partaking in some poolside reading & studying.
and by that i of course mean napping. 

snapped this while driving to work the other day (not too safe).
i really do have a pretty commute. i'm thinking about video taping it or something, 
because it really is nice. 

and sometimes you just need to be really grateful about the little things 
that make you smile.  because even when i miss my friends, ross is here.
and when i miss my mom, she sends me a card in the mail.  
and when we're lonely, sad, or happy we have music. 
and when it rains we have blankets.
and when it's cloudy we know the sun is just waiting to come out,
to warm our skin again and kiss our cheeks. and because even when
 we feel hopeless we know that Jesus doesn't think so at all.
  and then life once again seems full and beautiful and precious. 
because it's all gift. even the hard parts. 


Emily[Plu] said...

beautiful post, I really miss you sister!

Lauren Madison said...



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