Saturday, December 13, 2008

we're engaged!

{Our Story}

It's hard to find words when you are overflowing with joy.

I haven't blogged for some time now, but I can attribute my lack of contributions to my continued state of speechlessness. I feel like my heart is making my throat too full, but that doesn't sound pretty.

The week before my birthday, Ross asked that he and I spend all day Saturday together to celebrate my birthday, and I gladly agreed. We planned to start out the day by making breakfast, then visit the Cameron Park Zoo for the first time, then check out a local winery, eat dinner at 135 Prime, and finish the evening with a walk around campus and maybe enjoy some of our newly purchased wine and my house.

The weather was gorgeous and we accomplished all of the fun things we wanted to do. After dinner we strolled around campus only to find the Christmas tree was not lit, and a homeless man tried to sell us his bike (bless his heart, Ross was so anxious he eagerly gave the man some money and told him to keep his bike too). We eventually came upon my favorite building on campus, the Harrington House. It is a beautiful historic home, and I was able to spend some time in it this summer when I worked for one of Baylor's facility managers.

I noticed a light was on, and Ross and I peered through the windows. While I looked through one, Ross pulled out a key, unbeknownst to me, and opened the door and whispered, "it's open." i followed him in and suggested that we probably shouldn't be in there. He continued to wander through the house, and I suspiciously followed him.

As soon as we came upon my favorite room with a beautiful stained glass window, I stopped in the doorway. Candles and flower petals were scattered across the room, and Ross started to play music from his ipod speakers some of favorite songs. I knew what he was doing but I couldn't believe it.

We danced in the candlelit room with pounding hearts, tear soaked faces and the sweetest words. Most of what Ross said is a hazy memory, but I vividly remember the sight of him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. I dropped to the floor and said yes, and started laughing with joy and excitement. Before we left the room we prayed together, and I don't think I have a sweeter memory.

To my surprise, right as we walked out of the house a white stretch limousine pulled up and whisked us away. We sipped on champaigne, laughed and repeatedly exclaimed, 'i get to marry you!" We pulled up to my house to find a surprise party with our families and dear friends from both Waco and out of town. I was completely shocked, overwhelmed, grateful, and full of love. Thank you so much friends!

Thankfully, after celebrating with everyone, Ross and I were able to escape for one last ride around Waco in the limo, which included a trip over the suspension bridge.

Anyway, I can't believe I get to marry such an incredible man, and I am so excited for us to start our life together. I just had to get that all out there and now I can continue with blogging as usual. Can't wait to explore all of the wedding blogs : )

I should note that I am currently in the middle of finals, and I have never studied less before...I've been a little distracted.

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mc said...

What an awesome story!!!! Big big points to Ross for an amazing proposal. You two are both so lucky to have on another! I love you!!! -Khak


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