Monday, December 1, 2008

aka: thanksgiving break

surprise bundles of joy.
a celebration feast.
early morning sweating.
new additions to traditions.
an elegant affair.


two sweet & playful foster puppies
{everyone fell in LOVE}
a birthday dinner for a friend
{my oldest one, in fact}
our 3rd annual
turkey trot
{my faithful boyfriend ran too!}
turkey made by my uncles girlfriend & her mother
{it's hard, but i love how families expand and endure}
my cousins
debutant ball
{dancing the night away with cousins
in fabulous baton rouge}
also, i've completely
lost my voice...
all the more reason get into extreme study mode.
or blog, hehe

thanksgiving break, i'm thankful for you and the many adventures & quiet times to always seem to hold. you're wonderful.

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