Tuesday, December 23, 2008

try, try again

DIY wedding invites stealing my heart.
My mom is way too traditional to ever go with this.
Who am I kidding, so am I.

Speaking of traditional, I've spend the past week and a half or so coming to terms with the fact that First Baptist Waco wouldn't let Ross and I get married at their beautiful church on a holiday (a pagan holiday I might add). In fact, I've gotten really excited about it. Ross and I even found beautiful seesucker suits for he and the groomsmen to wear and sweet eyelet dresses for the girls. A 4th of July outdoor wedding, complete with preppy clothing & BBQ: my dream!

Well, when my dad found out we didn't get the church, he had a few things to say:

1. "Katie, I get what I want in life because
I think of creative ways to get it."
2. "You already got a no. Keep trying until you get a yes."

Guess what? Today we got a YES!

Although I love the IDEA of an outdoor wedding, tradition tugs at my heartstrings (and at Ross' too). So, it looks like we get to have a church wedding (at the church) after all! Our wedding is an incredibly special and important religious ceremony, not just a cute photo-opt.

Seersucker will of course be welcomed at the rehearsal, obviously : )


Sarah said...

YAYYYY!!! How did it happen?? I must call you soon! love you, miss you.

mc said...

lol, your dad is the man. so it's going to be at the church of your dreams???!?! That's so wonderful!!!! :-)

And it's not a pagan holiday -- our country was founded by those seeking religious freedom! :-)


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