Monday, December 29, 2008

new years

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the days in between christmas and new years are some of my favorite. still during the holiday season, there are many tasty treats and delicious meals to enjoy. with a new year and its respective resolutions just around the corner, i adopt the mentality of, "i only have a few days left to eat like this." so i indulge.

but even sweeter than taking in a few extra calories here and there is the way we take stock of the past year. a year of our lives is almost over, and a new one is about to begin. what did we do right? what did we do wrong? what did we do?

i'm so grateful that God gives us this fresh start. we make plans to do this, change this, start doing this, and sometimes our resolutions stick. most of them dwindle, but either way, our souls are stirred and we are confident in change.

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yes, i plan to eat healthier and work out almost everyday. afterall, i have a wedding and the "LGN" diet as motivation. but more importantly, especially in the season of life that im in (engaged), i am reminded that my life is not about me. therefore, shouldn't our new years resolutions be focused on others? more specifically, on how we treat others.

like anything good in life, satan tries to creep in and ruin it. true love is so good, and so is being engaged. it's the best. but satan gets into my head and temps me to focus purely on myself and my parties and wanting attention on me. sick.

i hope i can be a better friend and servant this year, as we are all called to be. man, im grateful for a fresh start with a new year...even though Jesus gives us one every single day.


mc said...

love it. and agree 100% cheers to a new start, each and every day! :-) :-*

Sarah said...

beautiful post...I've had similar stirrings and can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

Pam said...

A lesson I am trying to teach my daughter-happiness comes from helping others,

Ross said...

simply wonderful! I am marrying an AMAZING woman!


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