Monday, December 1, 2008

life motto

"if everyone had a puppy- there would be no war"
-my dear friend j.lew
how true is that?

this afternoon as i lounged on the couch
reading a book for history,
one puppy resting on my leg,
the other by my head.
as i let him chew my finger
he snorted softly
and my eyes watered as i looked into the
tiny, brown, innocent windows into his soul
{yes- dogs have souls}
completely overcome with love.

we are capable of so much love;
that's what life is about, after all.
i hope to experience this much love everyday
for Jesus, my family, friends, neighbors, school, work...

puppies have a way of stirring the soul.

1 comment:

Lauren Madison said...

I want to meet these puppies...asap.



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