Sunday, December 14, 2008

can't help myself

well, my dear friend katie knows me well. she thought i would love this color palette, and she is so right. navy, yellow & white it is. classy, preppy, and fun: that is so us, haha :)

the best part (besides the groom): we're getting married on the 4th of July! So there will be some subtle hints of red
getting married on the 4th of July means some pretty awesome things:
1. The entire country is celebrating!
2. We get to watch fireworks on our anniversary every year!
3. We won't have to go into work, and we will sometimes get a three day weekend

anyway, i will find out about the church tomorrow. i reeeeaaaalllyy hope it is available. if it is, ross and i can start working on all the fun details for our wedding. we've been to 10 weddings together, so he's got some opinions & ideas... it's awesome. my fiance rules.

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mc said...

Beautimous! I am so excited!!!


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