Monday, June 14, 2010

late night driving tips

shot two weddings in norman this weekend with stancy
& drove all the way home on saturday night
from 11-4:49 a.m.
{don't freak out mom!}
i was planning on stopping whenever i got tired-
but the tiredness never came.
i feel like i could run a marathon now with all that mental strength & focus.
{that's probably how long it would take me to run a marathon, too}
the only problem is, i can't pull all-nighters like i used to-
my sleep schedule got totally thrown off and now it's 4:22 and i'm
wiiiiiiide awake.

so, i thought i would share
'katie's tips for staying awake & alert for long late night drives.'
they are as follows:

1. diet dr. pepper
2. pumpkin seeds
3. new moon audio book

yes, that's right: twilight on tape. no, i'm not a twilight fan. but you can rent audio books at cracker barrel, and new moon was the longest one i could find at a whopping 15 hr. length.
and the thing is, it kept me entertained & awake for my drives to and from norman. in my experience, the lighter the book- the less likely you are to get sleepy when listening to it.

and now i kind of want to drive around for a few more hours and finish it...


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