Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY: desk organizers

here's the easiest little craft on the block:

if you love organization & the container store as much as i do, you probably also have the problem of parting with anything random box that could be used for more storage. when i worked at starbucks, almost every week i would bring home a box of tea- which then gave me the happy problem of many empty starbucks tea containers lying around. unable to just toss them in the trash, i knew i had to do something with these cute little boxes. i scrounged up some fabric scraps,
cut them to be the right size
got the hot glue gun out,
and voila!

could not have been any easier to make, but they really brighten up my desk and do a great job holding markers, colored pencils & other random little supplies.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I have the same green zebra fabric...I bought it to recover a bench.

Sarah said...

you are freakishly crafty. damn. jealous.


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