Thursday, June 17, 2010

b&a no. 4

After years about hearing about the amazing antiquing trips my mom would take every spring in fall with her friends and sister, i finally got to go with her this past spring to Round Top. I went excited and with unintentionally high expectations, and was completely blown away. My mom warned me that everyone's first time to this antique far is overwhelming, and suggested not buying anything and simply trying to take in the miles, and miles and miles of tents filled to the brim. It was such a blast, and I kept feeling like I found this secret.

I kept thinking, "so THIS is where people get all the good stuff." And it's true; people literally come from all over the world to explore here. The cool coffee shop you like to go to with the amazing style? I promise you, whoever decorated went to Round Top.

Though I mostly just walked around and took in the sites of gorgeous antiques, fun flea market finds, and straight up weird stuff and junk- I did come home with a few fun little treasures. Namely: two lamps, a vintage pillow, a dress, a coupe sweet flower pins, and a giant metal letter "R."

It was love at first site:

After living with my college roommate Sarah-I-love-lighting-Satterlee for four years, I gained a love and appreciation for truly well lit rooms. So naturally, I did like any other crafty girl would do with a giant metal letter "R"- I spray painted it gold and put some lights in it.

Yes, we now have a giant glowing golden metal "R" in our apt, and we think it rocks. Now we just need to find a giant metal "K" (if you ever see one, let me know, please!). Also, there are now big plans in the works for the rest of that wall which looks a little naked behind all that giant golden glowy-ness.

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