Thursday, March 4, 2010

waco restores my soul

last weekend, ross & i were able to sneak out of town
and bask in the glory that is baylor
during the last weekend of sing.
don't worry that my husband bought tickets literally
the minute they went on sale. he's so "over sing." haha whatever...

we felt very blessed that so many of our friends
made time to hang out with us, drink coffee, eat froyo,
cook 'big brek,' give us a place to sleep (thanks roommate!),
and talk about sing for hours and hours and hours.

in fact, after watching sing for 6 hours,
we went back to sarahs house with a bottle of andre
and talked about sing until 4 in the morning,
just like the good ol' days.


Ross said...

babe! you totally threw me under the bus on the Sing tickets purchase!

Sarah said...

major fomo with this entry! Sergio loves sing...he's seen several performances! And my frankenstein pants: the Lily Allen song will forever be dedicated to Sing '09 sing chairs.

Lauren Madison said...

it's a good thing that Waco refreshes your soul because having you in Waco refreshes MY soul! :)


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