Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the man in the red hat

see that man with the little red hat?
his name is gusto, and sarah & sergio took us to see him last week.
a long time ago, he felt that God called him
to build a cathedral... by himself.

he knew nothing about building/architecture/art,
so he bought some books and got started.
so for the past 49, he has spent every hour of everyday building
this house of worship.

the building is funded completely from donations,
and he does everything from the stained glass to laying bricks.
now that he is in his 80s, he accepts help from just a few people.

we definitely felt like we were in the presence of
a modern day noah,
and were especially touched by his humbleness
and obviously, his conviction.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...


Lauren Madison said...

mmmm...gotta go there! What an amazing story. A real life story...even better.

Sarah Satt said...

sooo jealous you guys got to go there! we tried and got there too late :(

i want to hear more...

Wkahornet said...

That is so amazing! Great pictures by the way, but I'm sure seeing it in person must be breathtaking.

mc said...


Sunshine and Shadows said...

How impressive. What an interesting man and building.


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