Monday, March 22, 2010

heartbeat of madrid

clicking boots on cobblestone
metro swooshing by
sipping sangria, puffing smoke
dancing through the night

spanish rolling off the tongue
paella, tortilla, y jambon
sunny mornings, bright street lights
life floating in the air

floating, floating, floating
like a dream we're floating
moving through
picasso's masterpiece
lovers kissing lovers
the beating heart of madrid.

we fell in loveeee with madrid and had the most incredible week.
we felt very blessed to get to spend time with my best friend in such a remarkable city,
and for the chance to get to know her true love!
thank you smiller for sharing your city with us- can't wait to stay with you again!!


mc said...

what!? you went to Spain!? I want to hear all about this!

Lauren Madison said... I'm dying. Dying of joy for you and Ross. Dying of FOMO to the freakin' max. AH! Gotta hear about this! Plu, I love you. I think we ALL need to go TOGETHER someday!!!!! :)

Sarah said...

This was an incredible post! You are a poet! I am dying for you guys to get back here...that week was the best!!!!!!!!! we miss you and can't wait to see you again SO soon!

Aron said...

I loved Madrid! We were there over new years one year. On of the best new years celebrations ever! It was fun seeing the city again in your pics.


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