Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beautiful. and perfect.


my friend katie emailed this blog post to me,
which she found via donald miller's blog,
and it is by far the most honest & moving story i've ever read.
i couldn't get through explaining the post to my mom without crying.
truly beautiful and perfect.


mc said...

wow. that was quite a story. beautiful.

On a separate note, I have started a new blog project devoted to photography. You're an awesome photographer, so I'd love any advice you have to offer!

Love you! :-)

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

our pastor did a sermon one day on abortion. he said over 90% of babies that are found to have down syndrome are aborted. I cried when he said that.

K said...

I've heard that same statistic, Emily- over 90%. Unbelievable. So glad you liked it:) Miss you friend, only 7 more weeks!


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