Sunday, September 27, 2009

take me out to the ballgame

ross & i drove to houston yesterday to enjoy the astros game with some of our married friends, jordan & krystal. star dogs, peanuts, drinks, and great company made for a great night, despite a disappointing performance by my beloved team.  hunter pence did make me proud with a home run though. he's such a cutie. 

for 20 years my family and i lived in a suburb just north of houston.  i remember the first time i watched the astros as a tiny girl at the astrodome, and how happy i was with the night because i scored a teddy bear, complete with a baseball cap.  
in seventh grade, my dad started getting free tickets through his job- and we took advantage of the sights & sounds of enron field (now minute maid park) as often as we could.  around this time my best friend stephanie parent's became best friends with my parents, and the strong relationships were set in stone over cotton candy and home runs.
 our little middle school hearts were set on making it on the big screen, and we did at least three times with the help of homemade "let's-go-astros!" signs. and every night at the end of the game we would beg our parents to let us have a sleepover.  

it's hard to believe that the little seventh grade katie, all decked out in abercrombie, doc martins, and incredibly frizzy hair, is making road trips with her husband & hanging out with married friends.  somehow i seemed to stumble into the near grownup phase of life. 
and even thought the don't win sometimes and my dad wont get any more fabulous tickets to the games, the 'stros will always have a special place in my heart, and i am truly grateful for all the tickets my dad shared with us through out the years. 
 and for everything else he's ever done ever, for that matter.

and we couldn't leave the city without a brief & silly 
walk through of whole foods this morning. 
so begins our quest for out first married jack-o-lantern. 

he's even cuter than hunter pence.  

ya, i said it.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

I love Hunter Pence :)

Lauren Madison said...

mmm...married life goodness! :)

Susan said...

Bugley! I am so glad that you had so much fun and such good memories! Just one thing...those tickets weren't free... :)


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