Thursday, September 24, 2009

favorite meals, lately

date night last week.
fish tacos, margs, and the yummiest strawberry-heavenly-disappearing-tart.

three words: first class rocks! 
first time to enjoy the pleasure of big seats, a real meal, warm cookies,
free drinks, and tiny salt & pepper shakers. 

in&out burger. yesssss.

but tonight's meal was extra fulfilling. our kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes, 
but that means one happy thing: lots of people eating off those dishes. 

pot luck dinners are the best.  everyone contributes, everyone shares.
forever grateful to my tiny college roommate for teaching me
the beautiful of community. 
i'm starting to remember how it feels to like where you are
because of the people you have around you. 
that's a good feeling. 


Sarah Satt said...

mmm... community is yummy :)

Lauren Madison said...

agreed :)

I want to be apart of this beautiful CS community, pretty sister...and help you clean those dirty dishes in your sink ;)

I love you mucho, mucho.


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