Sunday, September 13, 2009

california dreamin'

we found our way to san jose! so happy for my family; 
they are enjoying a beautiful and fresh adventure. 
the rolling hills straight out of a dr. seuss book, 
vineyards with orderly green rows spanning for miles, 
perfect weather and countless new experiences to unfold 
are all part of my family's new home.

we're back in our home now, newly determined to to be positive about the place we're living... and looking forward to the places we might get to call home in the future. 
...and ready to go back to san jose. 


Chuval said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. P.s., I have that same skirt you were wearing! Target kills.

kara said...

Wow! What a nice little get away...looks amazing!!
PS thanks for being my one little follower :) haha

Lauren Madison said...

Whaaaaat? Oh my goodness, pretty kitty!!!! I am SO happy you got to see your fam in b-e-a-utiful San Jose. It looks gorgeous there. So fun :) Let's chat soon. Like for real. It's been waaaaaaay too long. I love you.

Sarah said...

these pics RULE!!!!!!! I miss you a lot! (please told me you took your tiny bear there!!!)

Michele Wiseman said...

What pretty pictures! San Jose looks amazing, glad y'all had such a great time :)

mc said...

so many beautiful pictures, I cannot even try to pick a favorite! :-*


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