Monday, March 23, 2009

yellow roses are my favorite

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it's one of those quiet, gray monday mornings. the sun decided to leave with the weekend and a drizzle contemplates entering the scene.

i'm feeling pensive this morning, thanks to the weather i'm sure. God's grace amazed me this past week in a new way. although i've been pushing my dear fiance away with the panic i'm feeling from all the changes swallowing my life, he stands steadfast in his love and committment. i love him for that, but moreso i love Christ who gave ross the strength to continue to stand by me. he even gave me yellow roses.

the sermon at church yesterday was about what exactly the church is. simply, the church is people. of course there will be corruption and discord within a church, it is made up of sinful people. while Christ waits for us with open arms and a perfect heart full of love, we push him away and run the opposite direction. this week i saw a glimpse of how a husband is called to love his wife- as christ loves the church. while i cause pain through my sin, ross continues to fight for me anyway, and forgive me before i even ask.

love is giving someone flowers when they least deserve it, and holding on to someone who tries to run away.

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