Thursday, March 19, 2009

miss you, sb2k9.

"i feel like since you've come back you've been a completely different person," he said to me.

i wonder if that's true. i feel different, but maybe it's just a phase. i feel like i accidentally stumbled upon a wardrobe and fell into Narnia. the thing is with Narnia, you can't really go back. and even if you do, it's not the same.

none of us were particularly excited about the trip...and that probably contributed to our surprise in experiencing the best week of our lives, together. i know Narnia wouldn't be the same if i went back, but is it possible for me to be the same in my real life? the world outside of the wardrobe?

in a way, i hope not. we were all exceptionally blessed with an indescribable week. love, joy, community, laughter, sun, friends...a little glimpse into Heaven maybe. i guess it just shows my sin... my greedy hands want more and are discontent with the blissful gift that is my home now, that is Baylor.

anyway, i miss you SB2K9. i don't know how you happened, but i'm glad you did...even though all i want to do now is listen to emo music. hopefully good will continue to come from the too good to be true week that you were.



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