Monday, March 23, 2009


i've decided to keep the joy alive of sb2k9
by celebrating the people that were a part of one this sweet time
& the life lessons they taught me somewhere between sunbathing and dancing the night away.
after all, we never have to say goodbye to the people that mean something to us:
they become a part of us and travel in us through this crazy journey called life.

"God has a plan, but you gotta make it happen." - hayden lamb

if you google him, you will find some pretty impressive stuff...he's played in a very successful christian rock band called red, gone to the grammys, been in some rockin' music videos, and there is even an entry about him on wikipedia. but none of that defines him.

he loves Jesus and listens attentively & patiently for his calling. an injury to his shoulder put his drumming career on hold, and even though he is not actively involved in music ministry currently, he is still a light to all that meet him. he is truly humble and would rather listen to someone else's story than share pieces of his own.

hayden rocks a faux-hawk, has a twin brother, lives with some very talented and well known musicians, and wants to be a cowboy. but he didn't even believe us when we said he was cute!
his humility, passion for life, and resilient faith in Christ are truly inspiring.
he encourages me to dream big, trust in God's plan, and actively pursue his will.

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