Monday, March 23, 2009

true or false: waffle house

sadie morgan. how do i describe this girl? in one word: free.

free from the constraints of social norms and filters. if she thinks it, she just says it. why walk across the room to talk to someone when you can just yell your excitement to see them? if she feel like jumping, laughing, dancing, playing- she does it, and she does it loud, big, and full of life.
her ability to be free can take people off guard, which is beautiful. simply by being herself she shines, and causes others to reconsider why they live under such strict social regulations.

the real beauty of sadie shines through the way she freely and passionately loves others. she was a constant and joyful servant during our entire spring break because that's how she lives her life everyday. if you are hungry, she will make you a new tasty snack that she read about in a magazine. if you are thirsty, she can make some homemade sangria or concoct a yummy drink out of whatever is in the refrigerator. sore back? she gives the best massages around.

sadie is beautiful because she lives life unabashedly. she constantly thinks about others over herself and relentlessly loves on others. she is the joyful giver that Christ calls us all to be. he has set her free, and she embraces the gift. a world in which we were all like sadie is too good to image.

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Lauren Madison said...

Great post. Sadie lady is the best...and you are too, Plu. I am so blessed by amazing friends.


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