Monday, March 2, 2009

story telling

"Tell your marital story. Tell it to your kids, your friends, your brothers and sister, but especially to each other. The more your story is implanted in your brain, the more it serves as a hedge against the myriad forces that seek to destroy your marriage. Make your story so familiar that it becomes part of the fabric of your being. It should become a legend that is shared through the generations as you grow a family tree that defies all odds and boasts marriage after marriage of stability, strength, and longevity." -Jerry Jenkins

{from here}

i love this challenge to embrace, built, and stay loyal to our story. in our premarital counseling class this weekend, we talked about how even before sin entered the world and Adam and God had perfect community with each other, Adam still needed a partner. obviously, since marriage is the most sacred of gifts God gives to man, Satan will try to attack and destroy it. he's doing a great job in america through our distorted media and self-gratifying culture, but the fight is not over and it's gaining more attention. every marriage is a ministry.


Sarah said...

beautiful. I completely agree. Erica and Ty stick to the fact that one of their biggest sources of evangelism is their thriving marriage.

Lauren Madison said...

Love it. You keep telling your story, girl, because it is indeed a beautiful one about God's Grace and Sovereingty in you and Ross' life. :)


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