Tuesday, May 25, 2010

there and back again

{bread pudding @ gumbos}

{round rock express baseball game}

{our view from abel's on the lake}

dear round rock,
we love you & your little baseball stadium. thanks for providing such a great date night. you could be a really great home for us in a year, right?

dear gumbos, trudys, hula hut, abels on the lake, kerby lane, koriente,
yummmm. ross and i were good about rarely eating out this past year- but we made up for time fast because of you all. worth it though; no hard feelings. well, my waistline might feel differently.

dear garmen,
are you mad at us? why do you lead us astray? is it because we call you grimlen...

dear anthropologie,
thanks for the shockingly low sale find today! you might have won over my husband once and for all. but maybe your prices should always be just a little lower, true?

dear texas heat,
you seem different, out-of-control almost. i used to look forward to your arrival & love being outside with you, but you've changed. please, please, just take it easy. if you could stop making me feel menopausal that would be great.

dear allison, tyler & louise,
we had so much fun with yall this weekend!! thanks for hanging out with us.

dear austin,
can't wait to see you again tomorrow.


Susan said...

What a perfect trip! :)

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

what program do you use for your photography and design?


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