Friday, May 28, 2010

how to have a perfect day

step one: begin the day in your favorite city with some of your favorite people
step two: big brek. freshly brewed coffee, homemade crepes, fresh fruit, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and plenty of sunlight.

step three: go kayaking on town lake to burn off big brek and work on tan.
step four: afternoon snack. mighty cone & daily juice = perfect.
step five: walk around fun streets & stop in interesting shops.

step six: play with puppies.
start serious discussion of when you can adopt some puppies of your own.

step seven: watch your true love fall in love with puppies.
step eight: afternoon work out with jillian so you can better enjoy
step nine: enjoy incredible food with even better company.
step ten: finish the meal with some happy birthday creme brulee.

final step: go out. dance. listen to live music.
feel the fresh night air & be grateful to be alive and loved.


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

thanks for the info! We're planning a trip to Austin with some friends...I am TOTALLY looking into this!

Lauren Madison said...

um, yes please!!!


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