Thursday, May 20, 2010


when ross & i stepped outside the morning i was absolutely filled with joy:
it finally really feels like summer. in the best way possible.
not the oppressive heat so familiar to us in texas,
but instead this morning offered up instead a refreshing warmth with crisp, cool air.
the kind of weather you only get to enjoy after a summertime rainstorm.
the kind of weather that whisked me through time...

seconds after my first breath of fresh air this morning i traveled back
to mornings at camp olympia, leading a whole cabin of silly little girls to the chow hall.
to the mornings that were a little too cool to go out on the boat,
but we couldn't resist jumping in the lake anyway.
i woke up in a morning after a sleepover with stephanie, where we would sit in her backyard
and plan out the next bike rides and pool parties.
i fell back into leisurely breakfasts at my old home in kingwood; the kind with lots of coffee, the houston chronicle comics section, and my dad's homemade pop-overs.

so excited for summer to be here again.
i feel like i dived into a pool of excitement & zeal for life!

here's a little list of what's been going on with the pinson family lately:

* lots of guitar playing & singing on the porch
* homemade southside burgers with l.beck & satt pack
* wine & pasta at cafe capri with melanie & alise
* planning upcoming mini vacations to austin with good friends
* finally watched an education with carrie
* playing photographer with stancy higley
* continually falling in love with glee & parenthood week after week
* waaaay too much ice cream: spoons, ben & jerrys, you name it...

oooo summer i love you so

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mickeyesther said...

playing guitar and singing on the porch?! why wasn't i invited?? miss you neighbor:) we must watch glee together sometime too.


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