Saturday, May 8, 2010

goodbye swoop

so for as long as i've know ross, he's had a certain signature look. his look includes polo shirts, sperrys, large aviator-style sunglasses, and his crowning glory- the 'frat swoop.'

it turns out that ross was rocking the frat swoop long before his days of kappa sigma. in fact, he had never had a buzz cut in his entire life. there was even a point in high school when all of his best friends agreed to shave their heads on a particular night. the next day everyone in the group came to school with freshly shaved heads...and ross showed up with a mere trim...and his vanity intact.

when ross found out he would for sure be going to officer training this summer, we decided that it might be the right time to get his first new hair style. so, without further ado, for anyone who is interested to see, may i present to you...the haircut of ross franklin:

just moments before the big hair cut. trying not to act nervous.

cutting the first snip.

a new man!

ross' first words when he saw himself in the mirror were, "i look...mean."
i think he looks like a g.i.joe, which will be perfect for when he heads off for the air force officer training this summer.
we both thought it would be way weirder than it actually was, and i actually really like it.
with that said, i'm still really looking forward to the swoop's return :)


K said...

I love the new do! So GI Ross. I love you guys! And, if I haven't told you in awhile, I really love this blog:)

Anonymous said...

So glad I just found this

congrats on being the second or third hit on goolge's image search for frat swoop

-robert j


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