Sunday, January 10, 2010

three wheelin'

allison came to visit this weekend!
we were back on the tricycle & rollin with our third wheel.
{miller, allison wants you to know that she know has a signifiant leg up in the third wheel competition-
mostly based on the fact that she lives in the same country as us, hehe}
good meals, a trip to messina hof, cowboys game,
scrabble and avatar.

2010 is off to a good start!


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

ALLISON!!! I love her!

Sarah said...

hahahahahah well have her know that in my era of third-wheeling there was no competition!
I'm excited for you guys to get to Madrid because I have a feeling four-wheeling is going to be eeeven better! love you!

Lauren Madison said...

Great photos as always, Plupin! I love your adventures and want to join in! What do ya say?! Love and miss you!


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