Saturday, January 23, 2010

ending the dry streak

haven't been here in a while. i've had some serious 'bloggers block.' (is that a thing? whatever.)
not sure why. several unfinished posts seem to be stuck in drafting form, and my track record lately would suggest that the same fate will become this very one.

i've been a little distracted lately. not so much distracted as suspended, like a tiny ballerina in a jewelry box, waiting for the crank to be turned again and the music to play. like standing on the tip of the diving board, still undecided as to how i should jump into 2010. i keep thinking back to new years eve and the feelings i had that this year was going to be a great year: the year i would figure my life out. the wonderful sensation of a fresh start is the best part of every new year, and it's always accompanied by several (usually way too many) resolutions. here's the line up for this year:

* make 2010 a year of action. actively pursue the Lord through the Word, a mentor, consistent quiet times, service, and our community.
* find a dream job, and chase it hard. this is the year for that. it's happening.
* be a better friend. true, i'm terrible at talking on the phone. also true, most of my friends live far away. make more of an effort, and especially explore other methods of communication (who doesn't love receiving a card in the mail?)
* focus on my marriage. continue to find more ways to love, serve, and support ross. he's the best.
* try a couple new recipies every week.
* make a serious commitment to a healthy lifestyle. less pizza. run a half-marathon.

some of these are going really well. others seem to be already forgotten.
how is it already almost february!? and i'm just now posting about new years resolutions...
so 2o10 might have gotten off to a slightly slow & distracted start over here, so it's time to kick life into high gear.

sidenote: just got back from my first ever baby shower. ross & i are nowhere near that season of life- but it was super cute, and it's so great to see happy couples in the baby stage. i am, however, losing my resolve more and more each day to wait to expand our family- with a puppy, i mean! but we've only got about $15 saved up, so... here's to patience!

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mickeyesther said...

you are so precious:) i love reading your blog. no more blogger's block, please!

let's hang out soon.


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