Friday, January 15, 2010

ben and katie in haiti

sometime last year, my dear friend katie started itching to pack her pretty home in dallas, leave her wonderful job, hop on a plane with her husband, and go. go somewhere with needs that they could help meet through God's infinite love. she and her husband ben spent hours praying and searching for where they would go: no boundaries. this summer they felt a call to Haiti, in september they were hired to work at a Christian school. just a few days after Christmas, they flew to that little third world country and starting calling it home.

their first few blog posts after arrival noted all the incredible fresh fruit, the struggle to get clean water, school daily schedules, and the love they had for their new community.

it goes without saying that now their life in haiti is beyond what they could have ever anticipated. haiti clearly needed them more than they knew. their school is miraculously still standing- the only one in the city that didn't collapse. they are fully devoted to helping the wounded, giving aid to the school nurse, and comforting anyone and everyone.

you can follow them at their blog. thankfully they still have some communication with all of us here. we are praying for ya'll, your ministry, and haiti.

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