Thursday, November 19, 2009

married friendsgiving no.1

ross looked like a pro carving our family's 
first official turkey

let the feasting begin!

the whole group minus april & bryan.
please note how proud doug is of his contribution:
canned cream corn

our family loooooves holidays.
and friends.
and big meals.
o yeah, and each other.

note: butcher paper makes for excellent table cloths.
inexpensive, and easily embellished with chalk & crayons. 
when ross & i realized we didn't have enough plates for everyone, 
we knew we'd have to go a different decorating route from china (sorry martha).
even the fancy chinet paper plates looked cute on our brown paper covered tables.
mason jars with fall colored flowers helped too!

our home was filled with familiar holiday aromas,
wonderfully sweet & savory tastes,
and new friends that make up our community here.

of course, it was very different from our college friendsgivings...
can't wait until we do that again.
that will never get replaced- and neither will ya'll.
but, you already know that.  

but most importantly,
now that our home has had our first official thanksgiving,
we are now in full Christmas mode!!!


Chuval said...

GAH! SO cute y'all

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

totally stealing the butcher paper idea for this weekend!

Lauren Madison said...

sometimes I don't know what to do with all this cuteness :) teach me how to be crafty, plupin!

mickeyesther said...

i am so blessed by you guys. so blessed:)

Anonymous said...

aww! what an adorable idea :D i can't wait for thursday, so we can finally celebrate a holiday for the first time as a married couple!


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