Tuesday, November 24, 2009

little slice of heaven

chuval opened up a baking workshop in our kitchen this weekend,
and we were forced to try out all her homemade creations.
tiramisu pie, chocolate nut bars,
mini fruit jello molds,
and an apple pie; all made completely from scratch. 

{the apple pie was especially comforting with vanilla ice cream 
after we teared & sniffled our way through 'my sisters keeper'}

can't wait to try my hand at a few tasty treats 
in the next couple of days!
ross & i are off to california this week
to break bread & give thanks with my family...
and out run my sister in the turkey trot. 
slow & steady; just like last year.


Chuval said...

hahahaha...Ross' "Why am I in this picture" face...

Sarah said...

me hungry.

Lauren Madison said...

I'm sad/happy. Want to be there tooooooooo


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