Friday, February 13, 2009

valentines pt. 1

{from here}

valentines came early this year, as it always should! our tribe celebrated with affirming & silly valentine cards {i printed off ones like above} some were made with construction paper, others came with butterfly tattoos, and they were all awesome.

we talked about the amazing healing, strengthening, and teaching powers of
community, communion, meditation (Christian fused with Eastern),
and free association writing. in fact, our homework for the week is to meditate on a verse, and also write as much as we can about it- stream of consciousness style.

i'm thinking it might be a good time of year to write about the word love for a minute,
and see where your thoughts and pen take you. it might make for a nice valentine's card, too :)

also, miller and i made this rockin' pink cake. needless to say, we are pretty proud of our first multi-layered cake!

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Lauren Madison said...

whoa. that cake is awesome and beautiful. teach me your ways :) I'm so sad I missed TRIBE this week, but I can't wait for next week. love, love, love you!


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