Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sarah's secret garden

life is good, and my goal for this week is to write down seven things i am thankful for everyday.
#1 on my list today is: beautiful, sunny days!

my roommate sarah is equally grateful and joyful,
and so she set on a quest
to move her beloved cilantro plant into a real garden for it to thrive in.

p.s. she plated the garden right outside her bedroom window
so that she can watch it grow.

she also realized that her life is like that of a cilantro plant.
shes started out small in a safe environment,
but now she is ready for a new, bigger place to grow.

for her, that new place is spain.
for me, college station :)


Lauren Madison said...

Oh, how I love this!

Sarah said...

beautiful post! I haven't gotten to read your blog lately so I just stumbled upon it this morning! love you!


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