Monday, January 19, 2009

waco rules {no.1}

waco has a pretty bad rep.
but the truth is, i love this city. it is full of hidden treasures.
it's not huge like houston, or consumer-driven and brand-name obsessed like dallas.
it doesn't have the music scene of austin or the hills of san antonio,
but it is a completely unique city; a diamond in the rough.
miller and i drove around the other day,
and saw a sign which read:
"what about cupcakes?"
to which we responded, "what about cupcakes?!"
we tracked the shop and found a delicious answer.

lavertys is another one of waco awesome places to visit.
it's alot like the city, actually. looks crappy from a distance,
but is full of history, pretty little things, a has a rustic feel
that you don't want to miss.

o, waco...
it's also the city i fell in love in,
so i may be a little biased :)

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