Tuesday, January 27, 2009

st. valentine

{from here}

a lot of people like to hate on valentines day.
i argue that a different perspective should be taken towards this day.

valentines day is all about love.
love of your family, friends, roommates, pet, etc.
there are so many people who we love and love us!
this emotion is not limited towards 'significant others.'
valentines day is for celebrating all the relationships in our lives that we cherish!

i have always looked at the 14th this way
and it has always been a favorite holiday of mine.

which is why i'm bound & determined to have a valentines day party this year.


Carrie said...

Katie! I just found your blog from Emily's page! Your page is so cute!

Anyways, I agree with you on Valentine's Day. It's a beautiful day to tell EVERYONE how much you love them! My roommate and I decorate for every holiday, and of course we love love so this one is our favorite!

Lauren Madison said...

oh, so true! Can we please have a Valentine's Day party?! YAY!! :)


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