Friday, January 23, 2009

thank you, the beatles

{from here}

truer words have never been spoken.

it's good to think about what we love here on earth.
we get to feel a brief ray of God's warm love
when we enjoy the people, places, and passions
he's generously given to us.

today is a dreary friday, but its friday and i love it.
i had coffee at common grounds wit
h susan this morning,
and i love susan
(and coffee, for that matter).
i love the flower on my bedside table,
the fact that every friday feels like christmas eve
while i wait for ross to get here.
i love the challenges that school provides,
and the beautiful campus we get to walk on.
i love riding bikes, making cupcakes, my ro
ommates, our house,
the gentlemen of kappa sig, my tribe, my last semester...
friends, family, so much more!

i love love!

what do you love today?


mc said...


Ross said...

i know i love you very much!


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