Friday, November 14, 2008

whatever, im a baylor girl

real simple has instructions on how to make
beautiful wedding bouquets from supermarket flowers!

although i am not planning on getting married anytime soon, the economy & my frugal nature make me especially interested in having a low-budget wedding someday.

our culture has turned weddings into a huge industry, when really,
they boil down to two people
celebrating their love for one another in Christ.
in more ways than one, this love is free.

maybe part of being in the world and not of it is
separating ourselves from societal trends,like spending
huge amounts of money on one evening.
do we really need our initials on every napkin?
should a slice of cake cost $15?

or maybe, this is the one day to splurge a little, on behalf of your guests, of course.

or maybe i just like the daisies in the picture.
they remind me of meg ryan in you've got mail. tom hanks brings her some when shes sick as an attempt to reconcile. she forces a thank you and says,
"don't you just love daisies? they're such a happy flower!"
i agree!


bigcitypretty said...

GIrl, you are so right about the cake. That's the first thing I said to my mom when she called to tell me- "mom, clearly we were meant to have dr. pepper floats!". She is not buying it:) Love you.

Lauren Madison said...

your blog brightens up my day :)

and you've got mail is one of my faves :)

love you!


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