Monday, November 24, 2008

the color red.

it's the end of a long weekend and i feel a bit run down. my red-hot sore throat and the [idea of] cold weather make me want some comforting red tomato soup.

soup sounds good for another reason, too: at the start of nearly every week i think to myself, "ok, katie, it's time to get in shape now." good thing it's thanksgiving week. o well, the diet can start next sunday, right? haha

but i wont remember these little thoughts. i will forever associate this weekend with the color red for another reason: it marked the marriage of my beautiful friend katie and the love of her life, ben.

she could not have been a calmer, more at peace bride and it was an honor to stand by her side!


Anonymous said...

it is the color of life, a beautiful color, a beautiful life

bigcitypretty said...

well well well:) I am honored, too:) Love you little one.


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