Monday, November 17, 2008


{nice, france 2007}

today i got my haircut
{this is where my mom ALWAYS says, 'which one?'}

my hairdresser told me i should travel.
see the world while i'm young and single,
just to say i've done it.

she and her husband are saving to go to Berlin in a year. although shes excited, she says it wont be the same experience she would have had at a younger age.

my soul does long with alacrity to return.
{on some days, anyway}

i guess this is the part of my life where i pray about my future,
not just base these decisions
on the sage words of my hairdresser.

1 comment:

Lauren Madison said...

again, your blog astounds me, Katie Plu. I want to see this hair cut and I want to see your lovely face very soon. I love you!


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